Live Trainings

We offer live training sessions on a variety of disability inclusion topics.

Our trainings are designed to be relevant and useful for any organization interested in being more inclusive to people with disabilities in their work and workplace, regardless of if you are a nonprofit or for-profit. They are useful for staff at all levels of an organization, from front-line staff to administration to marketing to leadership.

Our training staff have years of experience working in and alongside the disability community, and our trainings are infused with the voices and perspectives of people with disabilities.

We offer 10+ standard trainings, and are willing to customize sessions based on the particular group. Most sessions are 90 minutes long, but can be shortened or lengthened based on the need. Contact us today for a quote.

Training topics include:

  • Introduction to disability & inclusion
  • Building accessible, inclusive events & activities
  • Building an accessible and inclusive workplace
  • The intersection of disability, gender, and sexuality
  • Principles of inclusive marketing
  • The intersection of disability & trauma
  • Supporting positive behavior in youth with disabilities
  • Understanding Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Introduction to autism
  • Understanding intellectual disabilities
  • Developing an inclusion statement for your organization