A PYD Internship Experience: Nektaria Muratoglu’s Journey at the Discovery Museum

Nektaria Muratoglu, a student at Milestones Day School and Transition Program, has been an active participant in PYD’s Career Readiness programming through the JobLab and the Pre-ETS intensive last summer. She was selected for one of PYD’s 40-hour internships, which took place at the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA. During her time there, she worked in the DaVinci Workshop, greeting guests and assisting them with their projects. Nektaria gained valuable skills in communication, collaboration, and problem-solving through this experience. She worked on this blog post with Jules Lilienfeld, PYD’s Internship Coordinator, to reflect on her time at the Discovery Museum.

Nektaria Muratoglu Internship Reflection

Photos: Nektaria Muratoglu working at the Discovery Museum

What was your role at the Discovery Museum?

I was an intern at the Discovery Museum, where my responsibilities included greeting visitors, disassembling spinning tops, cleaning up, and laminating papers.

What were other roles and how did you work together?

I collaborated with Susan, the director of community partnerships, and Lindsay, who managed the DaVinci Workshop. I greeted guests as they arrived at the DaVinci Workshop and directed them to Lindsay for further instructions. Additionally, I worked alongside museum tour guides for field trips, greeting visitors and engaging them with questions.

What did you learn about museums?

I discovered that museums aren’t just for adults; there are museums designed specifically for kids, using various tools to facilitate children’s learning. I learned that children can learn through play and about the concept of parallel play.

Would you be interested in a career working in a museum?

Not really, as I want to pursue an internship that aligns with my dream of becoming a chef and a baker.

What challenges did you face?

I sometimes felt nervous talking to others, got bored while waiting for my next task, and occasionally paced around.

How did you overcome those challenges?

I overcame these challenges by asking for help, which made me feel less nervous. The checklist from Susan and Lindsay was also helpful when I was waiting for a new task.

Would you recommend an internship at the Discovery Museum to another student?

Yes, because it’s a great way to improve communication skills and learn new skills that can be useful in the future.

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