Announcing the 2023 Denny’s Hungry for Education Scholarship Winners

PYD partnered with Denny’s Hungry for Education to grant $9,000 in scholarships to three high school and three college students with disabilities, including PYD participants and youth across the country. Since 2011, Denny’s Hungry for Education scholarship program has empowered students to help drive meaningful change in their communities.

Please join us in congratulating our 2023 Denny’s Hungry for Education scholarship winners:

High School


Rahul is from Brookline, Massachusetts and will attend UMass Boston in the fall. “I want to become a social worker or community organizer,” he said. “My goal is to run a rehab center. I’m proud of winning a [scholarship] about something that I am passionate about which is equality.” Rauls credits PYD’s Career Readiness program with helping to prepare him for future success. “PYD provided me with one-on-one support for job training and career readiness during my junior year. They also have helped me get ready for my summer internship at PYD and empowered me to think of life after I finish high school.”



Hannah has a career interest in Animation and will attend Emerson College. “I am an intellectual, a detailist, and a dreamer. For me, this financial help would be able to keep me dreaming of going to college,” she said. Hannah’s disability makes one-on-one communication challenging, however she has found a way to express herself through art and writing. The Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts resident is currently writing a book on contemporary fiction.




Tori will attend Francis Marion University in the fall. A resident of Latta, South Carolina, Tori remarked, “winning this scholarship means the world to me because it can get me one step closer to becoming a Secondary Math Teacher. When I finally achieve that goal, everybody that ever doubted me will see that it is possible for someone like me to become a teacher.” Tori’s suggestion on how Denny’s can bring communities together is by partnering with local organizations and schools to collaborate on initiatives such as mentorship programs, where Denny’s employees can share their knowledge and experiences with students, inspiring them and fostering a sense of unity.




Tom will be entering his senior year at Merrimack College in the fall.This scholarship will allow me to complete my senior year of college without as much of a financial burden out on me, enabling me to enjoy all the academic, professional and social opportunities that my final year at Merrimack will have for me,” he said. Last summer the West Roxbury, Massachusetts resident completed an internship at Perkins School for the Blind. “Through this internship, I was able to give back to an organization that helped me see my whole potential as a child, by working on social media and fundraising projects that allowed me to be a voice for the school and expand on my communication skills.”


Sridatta attends UMass Dartmouth with a career ambition of working in the IT field. The Franklin, Massachusetts Junior is passionate about singing and has been part of the Flutie Foundation since 2020, performing in many of their fundraising concerts as well as singing at Fenway Park and the 2023 Boston Common Holiday Lighting. Sridatta was also invited by John Hancock Boston to talk about students with autism and their challenges in colleges and universities and continues to spread awareness of autism and motivate others by instilling in them that disability does not stop them from reaching their goals.’



Dartmouth, Massachusetts resident Brian has a proven track record of leadership, community service, and a strong passion for learning. “I aim to use the scholarship as an opportunity to further my education and contribute positively to society,” the UMass Dartmouth student said.



We are honored to help support these outstanding students in their academic journey and can’t wait to see how they change the world. We are grateful to Denny’s for their partnership and being a champion of youth with disabilities.