Moe Finnerty shares about Access to Theater

Access to Theatre (ATT) is an award winning program that has been provided opportunities for youth with & without disabilities to explore their creativity, express themselves and find purpose for nearly 30 years. ATT empowers youth through the arts and incorporates inclusive opportunities for participants to experience and study exemplary works of art, create art, and engage in a meaningful community.

We currently have spots for youth to join this dynamic program and community for the fall & winter programming. The 2021 after school ATT program will focus on acting and improv.

Meet the ATT Team:
The two Lead Teachers are Moe Finnerty and Tammy Brown. Moe started out in PYD programs as a young adult and has committed herself to helping youth in the program as a role model. She has over 2 decades of teaching experiences as a peer leader, intern, mentor and lead teacher. Her role is to help youth with and without disabilities to communicate effectively through the theatre arts.

Moe co-facilitates with Tammy, a professional actor who has been involved with PYD for almost 7 years. Tammy brings strong stage experience and implements strategies to help youth understand the importance of being able to articulate and step outside their comfort zone.

Brandon Bass is the new AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring for the 2021-2022 service year. Brandon is a college graduate with prior acting and modeling experience. He will be working closely with Deep Chinappa, the artistic Director, who coordinates the program and has been involved for over two decades. Deep is a professional musician and has been involved in group mentoring programs at PYD. Deep recruits youth between the ages of 14-24 years, with and without disabilities, to explore, learn new skills and express themselves while becoming part of a community of budding artists.

In the above video, learn more from ATT’s lead teacher Moe about why she’s passionate about ATT.

JOIN the Access to Theater Community!
If you are a young person between the ages of 14-24 and looking for an opportunity to meet new people, be creative, express yourself & have fun, sign up today! Please reach out to Brandon Bass via phone (617-556-4075 x136) or email (