Party for PYD 2021 Legends Honoree Paul Grogan

PYD is excited to honor Paul Grogan at Party for PYD with the Legends Award for his commitment to bringing voice to young people with disabilities and The Boston Foundation’s 35-years of support of PYD.

Paul, President and CEO of The Boston Foundation (TBF), has led the non-profit in its powerful civic leadership role for over 20 years. During his tenure, $1.7 billion in grants have been awarded, the majority benefiting Boston nonprofits, including PYD. Paul’s work created solutions and legislation for urban issues, funded initiatives for people with disabilities and public education, and supported cultural facilities. Paul is retiring this spring.

“At The Boston Foundation, our mission is to build and sustain a vital, prosperous city and region, where justice and opportunity are extended to everyone,” Paul said. “In the spirit of this mission, we’ve been a long-time supporter of Partners for Youth with Disabilities and initial funder of PYD.”

Building on TBF’s initial funding and support of PYD, both organizations continue to break barriers for youth with disabilities. PYD and TBF share a commitment to build communities for those who are affected by social injustices. “This work continues to be of utmost importance as we all work to recover and rebuild into a more just, more equitable, and more inclusive society,” said Paul.

Paul was first drawn to PYD because of the mentor program, which he fully supports. “We’ve experienced in many areas of work, like in education and workforce development, that mentorship is key to providing the community and guidance that is critical for young adults as they work through their life and development experiences,” he said.

As Paul worked with mentors of his own, he benefited from those connections, and shared his knowledge with others that he then mentored. “These connections are how societies and communities are strengthened and cared for from one generation to the next,” he said.

The importance of mentors is even more evident during the pandemic. “I am deeply honored to receive the Legends Award from PYD this year,” Paul said. “I also am humbled to be included alongside fellow Legends honoree Margaret Covell and Innovator honoree Keisha Greaves for their deep work and partnership with PYD. But really, the spotlight is on the organization and the community. I commend PYD for its tremendous work through the challenges of the last year to continue safely providing its critical mentorship and training services for youth and young adults with disabilities. My congratulations go to all PYD team members and mentors for your work, and my energy and support to the young people with disabilities who have experienced increased social isolation and health risks from COVID-19.”

Thank you, Paul, for your consistent dedication to Greater Boston, PYD, and the disability community. Hear more from Paul and PYD’s other honorees at our virtual Party for PYD on Thursday, May 13 at 7 p.m.

This article was written by the BU PR Lab.