How your donations help us this Giving Tuesday

Three staff members (Regina Snowden, Kristin Humphrey, and Anna-Maria (former staff member) pose for a photo with three of our youth at Mentor Appreciation Night

This year, Partners for Youth with Disabilities has set out to reach $25,000 for Giving Tuesday. Each dollar donated goes towards different programs or activities within our organization. To help give a better example of how your money helps PYD, we have set up a donation tier list with explanations of what that price point gives our members. 

The lowest possible tier for donations begins at $25. This amount allows our mentoring matches to attend a local event together, such as a Red Sox game, a museum, or a movie. The next possible giving tier is $50. Giving this amount will provide a young adult with a disability access to our online mentoring program. Our online mentoring program gives our members job readiness support and coaching. The third giving tier is $100; donating this amount allows our organization to connect our career readiness classrooms to an on-site activity such as touring a workplace or selling crafts at a trade show. 

Our last three tiers are $250, $500, and $1,000. While these donations may seem like a lot, they allow our organization to give our members more support and provide them with better training. Donating $250 will provide our youth participants with a theater arts workshop where they gain self-confidence and practice speaking up for themselves. Our fifth tier, consisting of $500, will give our community the ability to train another organization on creating a more inclusive workplace and environment for people with disabilities. Lastly, donating $1,000 to our organization will support a mentoring relationship between a volunteer and youth for an entire year.

Giving Tuesday is crucial for nonprofits like PYD. Your donations help us improve our organization, educate other organizations, and provide our members with educational activities, friendships, and community. If you would like to donate to PYD, visit this link to our donation page. 


This blog post was written by Erika Grossi of the BU PR Lab.