Join us and the MA Commission for Discrimination for brunch

Youth encounter numerous roadblocks and challenges when it comes to advocating and disclosing their disability in the workplace. A study by in 2018 showed that youth with disabilities are in need of training around disclosure and requesting accommodations.

Here’s what our very own Jordan Lome has to say about self advocacy and disclosure for youth with disabilities in the workplace:

“Self-advocacy is crucial in not only making sure you yourself are doing your work in a safe and brave environment but also in how you receive the supports to help do the job at your most optimal. It goes hand in hand with disclosure; the more you advocate yourself, the less scary it will be to disclose.”

Our third annual Career Mentor Brunch will take place on September 21st, 2019 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Institute for Human Centered Design at 200 Portland Street in Boston, MA. For those who have yet to attend, our Career Mentor Brunch is a one-day workshop that gives youth the opportunity to meet with career-mentors that teach about a topic in career-readiness. 

This year, the theme of our event revolves around advocacy, disability disclosure, and how to ask for accommodations in the workplace. It will start off with a free brunch catered by Haley House, light networking, and ice-melter activities. Then, the Massachusetts Commission for Discrimination will give a presentation, and PYD fellows will share their stories with the group. 

We conclude with three rotating stations that educate youth on elevator pitches, resume reviews, and interview preparation lead by PYD’s YEP Career-Readiness Program. 

Jordan also expressed that this event is a great way for youth to meet and connect with others. Each year she sees matches work towards and establish new goals together even if they weren’t previously working on career oriented goals. It is a great way to explore new things and take a match to the next step. Although she encourages mentors to attend with their mentee, it is not required and mentees should feel welcome to attend by themselves as well.

This event is a great way to see matches flourish and affirm the uniqueness of the match. It also builds community and social support.”

In 2017, two PYD fellows talked about their experiences in the workplace with careers relating to disability. First to speak was Lizzie, a PYD summer scholar and fellow. She mentions her time at the Youth Leadership Forum and how this experience allowed her to realize she needed more confidence if she wanted to become a great leader one day. Her best piece of advice was this:

“Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. You are you, so just be you!”

The second PYD fellow to speak was Austin. He shared his experience working with the Institute for Human Centered Design, PYD, Easter Seals, and the Boston Center for Independent Living. Austin believes in the importance of taking on many opportunities that come his way. He left our youth with this important thought:

“You might think to yourself; well, why do I need any more opportunities? But every opportunity is a good opportunity, because opportunities come from other opportunities, and they build off each other. One thing leads to another.”

You can watch more of our 2017 Career Mentor Brunch below.


For more information or questions please contact Jordan Lome by phone at 617-556-4075 x119 or email her directly at