What PYD means to our Lens Partnership honoree, Kyle

Introducing Mentor Appreciation Night’s Lens Partnership honoree, Kyle!

Kyle has mentored with us here at PYD for three and half years. Kyle explains: “I gravitate and want to be a part of PYD because of who they work with, but more importantly how they go about it.” He feels the PYD staff make the organization an honor to work with. “To me, PYD means inclusion and accessibility,” states Kyle.

We asked Kyle how he feels about being honored at Mentor Appreciation Night. “It is a humbling recognition. I’m grateful for PYD and for them providing these great programs. I am grateful to be able to mentor such fabulous individuals.”

Kyle is dedicated to his work and volunteerism. While his mentoring at PYD is greatly appreciated, he also volunteers at various other organizations.  

In his career, Kyle has worked with the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired for five years. He’s the current Director of Volunteer & Support Group Services at MABVI’s Community Service Department. He helps match sighted volunteers with those who are blind and organizes support groups. Kyle was also appointed to the Mayor’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities and has served there for three years.

We thank you, Kyle for your continuous support at PYD!

This post was written by Victoria of the BU PRLab and edited by Nicole Ciarlone