Meet our spirit award winner, Olivia!

At Friday’s Mentor Appreciation Night, we are excited to honor Olivia with the Rayleen Lescay Spirit Award! This award honors those who are dedicated to PYD’s group mentoring programs; ones that she has been affiliated with for four years now.

As a sophomore at Landmark College in Vermont, Olivia cannot be present all of the time, but her presence is felt through her caring personality and voice. Her spirit and enthusiasm for these programs shine through even when she isn’t local.

When Olivia gets the chance to return to her hometown in Massachusetts, her favorite program to attend is Access To Theater. ATT is a great program through PYD for people with or without disabilities. We act, dance, create art, and improv. “It is a nice group of people and a great way to get to know other people with disabilities,” Olivia said. She shows her enthusiasm for the program by performing a dance piece every year. She is also part of glee club and gospel choir.

Participating in programs at Partners for Youth with Disabilities is just one of the ways Olivia plans to dedicate her future to those with disabilities. She is a liberal arts major who hopes to expand her passion by becoming a special education teacher. In addition to this, she aspires to remain part of PYD and find new ways to be a lifelong advocate for those with disabilities. Thank you for sharing your amazing voice and spirit, Olivia!

This post was written by Julie Fager of the BU PRLab.

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  1. Annie
    6 years ago

    I know Olivia personally and I think she is amazing. There is nothing Olivia won’t try or can’t do- her disability has never held her back. I have known her since the day she was born and with every day that passes I find her to be more amazing. She is truly my hero. Olivia is the kindest and most giving young woman and PYD is very special to her, as are the people she has met there. PYD is a great program and I hope it continues for years to come.