Winston’s job at Spectacle Eyewear through our career readiness program

Winston at Spectacle Eye-wear

As part of our career readiness program, Winston worked with Paul Fox, the owner of Spectacle Eyewear in the South End for 8 weeks. See what Winston has to say about his successful experience here:

“At first I was a little nervous to work at Spectacle and meet Paul Fox (the owner). I would think to myself a lot, “Is he going to be a cool guy to work for?” And will I have a good time working there?” And will he like me?” The first day of working at Spectacle I walked in the shop.  It was very cool inside with a lot of classic records and a lot of cool looking glasses I have never seen before, so I knew I was going to like working here. Paul walked out from the back. He was very cool and a chill guy and funny too. He made me feel at home off the bat from the first moment. What he would have me do is bring packages to the post office, pick up packages from the back, organize frames, and dust shelves. I noticed that he would treat all his everyday customers like family, and I thought that was really cool. From the beginning to the end of my internship Paul made me feel I was part of the Spectacle family.”