PYD’s stress management workshop: tips to handle your stress

Nicole leading a circle of people in yoga

The PYD’s stress management workshop was a youth focused benefited, toward reducing youth stress. Between PYD’s Eli Wolff, Jordan Lome, and Nicole Malo, attendees learned great tactics and tools on stress management. During the workshop, PYD and the attendees shared great tips of self-care, such as listening to music, recreational activities, hanging out with friends, and, most importantly,  yoga.

The important takeaway is to manage your stress and have self-care tools. Firstly, to manage your time, and secondly, to give yourself the ability to be flexible and have self care of your personal needs. These methods go a long way in reducing your stress and building a management toolkit framework toward achieving a stress-free lifestyle.

I really enjoyed my brother Andrew who accompanied me to the event and the event was enjoyable and fun! Thanks to Eli, Jordan and Nicole!

What are your self-care tips and tricks?

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