The Puzzos: PYD Legends Honorees 2018

Steve and Nicole Puzzo standing with their daughter Stella

It is our joy to honor Steve and Nicole Puzzo at Party for PYD 2018 this May 10th! Steve and Nicole are raising two thriving daughters, Chloe and Stella. Stella has Spastic Quadrapalegia Cerebral Palsy. The entire family enjoys the great outdoors, whether skiing or at the beach.

Both Chloe and Stella have been a driving force behind their parents’ work towards inclusion. Nicole shared with us, “Inclusion is important to me because it’s about education and removing stereotypes of individuals with disabilities.” Inclusion is “educating people that we are in this together. Supporting each other is truly the best gift you can give.”

As parents, Steve and Nicole bring their energy, focus and firsthand knowledge to PYD and the community.

Some years ago, Nicole founded Stepping Stones for Stella, a non-profit that provides buggies to children with disabilities. More recently, she co-founded befree, LLC, an accessible clothing line. Check them out here!

Steve is Partner in Mergers and Acquisitions tax at PwC and has been Treasurer of the Board of Directors of PYD for the past 6 years. Through his service, he continues the loyal partnership between PwC and PYD. A PwC Partner has been in a leadership role at PYD from our very beginnings. Back in 1985, John O’Connor, then-Managing Partner at PwC helped PYD obtain our 501 (c)(3) status as a non-profit organization. We are incredibly grateful to Steve for continuing the strong legacy.

The Puzzos emphasize that there “is always more than one way to do something.” Stepping Stones for Stella and befree are prime examples of that! We at PYD feel extremely fortunate that the Puzzos lead in the work to illuminate the potential of all youth with disabilities and grow more inclusive communities. Please join us in celebrating them this May 10th at our annual Party for PYD! You’ll meet the entire Puzzo family there. And at the event, you’ll even get to check out a Stepping Stones for Stella buggy and befree zipOns that are part of our auction thanks to the Puzzos!

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