Match building workshop for PYD mentoring program

Group of young adults with various disabilities sitting around a table in a small conference room, with papers on the table in front of them and a picture being projected on the wall behind them.

On February 21 and March 22nd, PYD staff and a great group of mentors and mentees came together at the new PYD office in Somerville for a mentor/mentee training, The Match Building Workshop!

It was a fun night of interactive activities and discussions to help all get more familiar with each other, see what we already knew, and to gain a better understanding and comfort level of the roles and expectations of being a mentor or mentee. It was an engaging evening and the time flew by with crafting together a mural of pictures and drawings of what the mentor /mentee program meant to us and, my favorite activity, playing the online and mobile quiz game Kahoot to test our expertise about how much we all knew about the PYD Mentor Match program!

It was not only helpful for the mentor/mentee pairs to get to know each other better but it was interesting and fun sharing time as a group with other mentors and mentees.

Be sure to come next time and see for yourself!

The Match Building Workshop is a new training component strongly encouraged and highly suggested for Mentor Match participants matched within a three month period in providing best practices in the transition from the getting to know each stage to the deepening the mentorship stage of the relationship!

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