Rayleen Lescay Spirit Award 2017: Sophia Rose Kelley

Sophia standing in front of a microphone on stage, ready to sing

As a lead up to Mentor Appreciation Night Friday November 3rd, we will be highlighting our award recipients for the year who we call our #illumentors!

We are pleased to announced that the recipient and #illumentor for the Rayleen Lescay Spirit Award is Sophia Rose Kelley! Sophia has been an active member in the Access to Theatre family at PYD! This award honors those dedicated to the Making Healthy Connections and Access to Theatre programs.

Sophia wanted to share her words on receiving this honor:

My name is Sophia Kelley, three years ago Partners for Youth with Disabilities changed my life for the better. Having moved to Brookline I didn’t know many people. ATT is and always will be family to me.

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