Promoting disability inclusion at the Boys and Girls Club of Assabet Valley

The Boys and Girls Club of Assabet Valley (BGCAV) was a PYD Inclusive Fitness for Youth partner during 2014. During that time, the club worked with our National Center to make significant improvements in engaging youth with disabilities, including training their club staff on disability inclusion and etiquette, participating in an adaptive court sports workshop, and developing opportunities to recruit and engage youth of various abilities.

Since that time, BGCAV has continued to grow and improve their programming to engage youth with disabilities. One of their newer programs is sitting volleyball. This fun activity is open to youth of all abilities, and is lots of fun for all!

About the Boys and Girls Club of Assabet Valley: The Mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley is to promote the growth of young people in our community by empowering them to become productive, caring responsible citizens.

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