Seeking responses from individuals with autism

This past Friday, we shared a article about the individuality of people with autism. We were excited to see Autism Awareness Month get highlighted in such a prominent publication, and we do believe that the article’s intent was good: to break down stereotypes and to highlight the differing strengths and abilities of people with autism. But as our astute community members pointed out, the article didn’t feature any responses from individuals with autism!

That’s…well, that’s a huge oversight. We were disappointed that didn’t think to ask anyone with autism to share their perspective, so we decided to do it for them.

If you are a person with autism, we want to hear from you! Who are you? What are your strengths and interests? What does “autism” look like from your perspective? We want to share your experiences and input, so you can help lead the conversation around autism this month.

We’ll be collecting our responses and then sharing them on our blog later this month. Send ’em in via email (, in the comments below, or on PYD’s social media channels.

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