NDMC Meeting Minutes: March 2015

Updates on Susan M. Daniels Mentoring Hall of Fame Planning

  • Hall of Fame Objectives (included here for reference)
  • Recognize individuals and organizations for mentoring impact
  • Identify effective practices
  • Capture replication models
  • Establish shared data-gathering platform
  • Highlight recruiting tools
  • Strengthen Coalition’s collective mentoring pipeline

Recognition Criteria Work Group

  • Co-Leads: Marie Strahan, Kristen Humphrey
  • Members: Rayna Aylward, Margaret Campbell, Jessica Swirsky, Emily Malsch
  • January – March Tasks:
    • Determine nomination criteria
    • Determine if the awards are for individuals and/or organizations
    • Include ways to identify innovative programs and ideas in transition and mentoring
    • Determine multiple categories, mentee-based nominations with the focus on impact, and inclusion of informal mentoring that includes voluntary relationships
    • Consider apprenticeship type programs, should they be included?
    • Include ways to identify effective practices and capture for sharing with others
    • Determine the focus of the mentoring: whole life, transition, employment/careers
    • Ensure HOF finds ways to recognize “not the usual suspects”
    • Determine model for replication by other organizations / locale level – including model for informal awards
    • Other tasks to be identified
  • Report: Marie Strahan reported that Margaret Campbell has been a wonderful addition to the group via her recommendations for more specific nominee information and requiring more details. Furthermore, the team has discussed how to collect more data by being clearer in the questions.  The group is also improving ‘plain language’ writing and aims to have a final product back to the full Coalition by early April.

Download complete minutes from NDMC’s March meeting here.

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