NDMC Meeting Minutes: February 2015

We expanded our team with the addition of COSD (thanks Alan and Tari!) and two consultants, Jeanne Argoff and Margaret Campbell. The immediate participation from all four was wonderful…and helpful!

A Coalition Mission Statement was discussed and useful feedback provided. An updated version and Member Roster will be provided for final review.

The Hall of Fame planning Work Groups provided reports. The focus for this meeting was on the Recognition Criteria. A detailed discussion provided useful guidance to the Work Group to consider several enhancements to the draft criteria. The Work Group will take the input and provide an updated version to the full Coalition for final consideration in March.

In the review of PYD’s second draft proposal to establish the platform for both the Hall of Fame nomination capability and the downstream National Disability Mentoring Pipeline, feedback was provided for edits.

Comments and feedback during and after the meeting included:

  • Include a first class of 25 winners (to match 25th Anniversary)
  • Consider recognizing winners from each state every year
  • Discuss with USBLN ability for Coalition team members to have a pre-conference meeting and planning session. Also request if USBLN would be interested in a Coalition workshop to discuss the Coalition, Member Mentoring Programs, the Hall of Fame, and our work to intersect with mainstream mentoring organizations. (Austin, TX Sept 28 – Oct 1).

Download complete minutes from NDMC’s February meeting here.

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