“The Mentor and Me and PYD” By Dejan Pajevic

Dejan with his mentor CarlOver the summer we invited our PYD fellows to participate in sharing their stories on our blog about their participation in our mentor match program. We asked them to tell us a bit about themselves, who their mentor is, and their favorite memories with their mentor. The following post was written by Dejan Pajevic, who very enthusiastically shared his story with us about his PYD involvement and his mentor match experience with his mentor, Carl Richardson.


The Mentor and Me and PYD- Your Peer Leader by Dejan Pajevic 

Hi my name is Dejan a name you have never herd of, that’s becuze it’s a Serbian name. Deep from Making Healthy Connections said that I take the ride independently. Having Carl Richardson makes me feel grate about myself. Mr Richardson is my friend. O buy the way I am 23 years old I started PYD in 2010 . I love radio. I have a Sirius xm radio. But allow me to talk about Mr Richardson. Mr Richardson never gave up on me, I am proud to have him as a mentor. When I become a mentor I will be the greatest mentor. I hope to be mentor of the year sum day. Not sum day but after 24 years old I will start rite away. Mr Richardson enrolled me in a long distance school called Hadley. With Mr Richardson helping me I hope to be a better speller jest like Tiler. I hope to go to college insted of a day program. I want to work for Sirius xm.

In addition to writing a bio about his experience in PYD, we asked Dejan a few questions to learn a bit more about him.

“PYD Participant”

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dejan Pajevic. I was born in November 24, 1990. I was born in a town called Pirot.It is in Serbia. At that time Serbia had war. I have had 6 eye surgeries at Mass Eye and a year in an infirmary.

How did you get involved in Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD)?

When I was a kid I did not know about PYD. No one told me about PYD until English in high school when Rob Park told me. In 2010 Ron was my mentor, but in 2012 Mr. Richardson entered my life. Oh I also participate in Making Healthy Connections. I am the first person to be a peer leader after a few months.

How has Partners for Youth with Disabilities helped you since you have been involved?

Mr. Deep is a good person. I am grateful for Mr. Deep. I finished English high school on November 19th or something like that, I don’t remember. I took the MCAS assessment and unfortunately, I did not get my high school diploma so I was in despair. I don’t want anybody to experience what I experienced. If I would have had a mentor I would have passed the MCAS. Mr. Richardson is getting me classes to improve my spelling. So next time I am writing I will be a better speller than ever. In conclusion, I thank Regina Snowden for making me a member of PYD.

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