Random Acts of Kindness Week

There are few things in life better than finding a $5 dollar bill in your jacket pocket, a complete stranger complimenting you, or getting two candy bars for the price of one because the classic vending machine glitch is, for once, working in your favor. These small, everyday pleasures have the power to turn your mood around and make the rest of the day’s tasks that much more enjoyable.

This week at PYD, we’ve been doing small tasks around our office building to spread the feeling that comes from these little pleasures for Random Acts of Kindness Week! This international holiday is a great opportunity to step out of your normal routine to brighten somebody’s day. From smiling at strangers to offering free hugs, people around the world are taking time to celebrate kindness.

Here’s what the PYD staff  have been doing so far to join the #RAKWEEK movement:


We baked cookies and delivered them to another office in our building. We explained the concept behind RAK Week and encouraged our neighbors to participate by doing something kind for someone else. 


At our local coffee shop, we purchased a $5 gift card, attached a flyer for RAK Week, and asked the barista to give it to the next costumer in line. Who doesn’t love free coffee?


For our next act of kindness, we taped a plastic bag that contained four quarters and a note that read “Hey You!! Enjoy a candy bar, you deserve it” to a vending machine in our office building.

IMG_2119   IMG_9040

Since everybody can use a little inspiration every once in a while, we wrote three letters of kind words and delivered them throughout the city.


Lastly, we filled a stranger’s expired meter so that they wouldn’t receive a parking ticket.

So, how are you going to participate in RAK Week? If you need a little help brainstorming ideas, check out the RAK Foundation Website – they have over 350 kindness ideas for work, school, and home.

 Happy RAK Week!!

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  1. Mary-Brigid Mahoney
    Mary-Brigid Mahoney
    10 years ago

    You guys rock!!! I

  2. Mary-Brigid Mahoney
    Mary-Brigid Mahoney
    10 years ago

    I’m just south of Boston and your #RAKWeek activities have inspired me! I’m heading over to your “Get Involved” section to check out ways I might be able to help! I work for a social action company and I’ll bet we can find a way to help out as a company as well. Keep up the great work!

  3. Erin Doheny
    Erin Doheny
    10 years ago

    Mary, we are so happy to hear you enjoyed our #RAKWeek post and that you’d like to get more involved with PYD. Thanks for spreading the kindness!!

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