Tips for Managing Mentee Behavior & Avoiding Meltdowns

Mentors at the behavioral management forum

In mid-December, the Mentor Match program held an ongoing training session for our current mentors. We call these events our “Mentor Community Forums,” as we try to make these events opportunities for mentors to network, to express their challenges and concerns, to learn from each other, and to learn additional tips from our staff.

At this most recent Forum, the topic of discussion was “Addressing Challenging Behavior.” Working with kids can present many unexpected challenges, and mentors have to know how to manage and adapt to their mentee’s behavior. Every child has a different set of triggers that can cause them to get frustrated, upset, or angry, and it’s important for mentors to know how to recognize these triggers, avoid them, and help their mentee positively cope with their subsequent emotions.

To help our mentors navigate these tricky situations, we put together a training packet that focuses on youth behavior management skills. It helps mentors understand triggers and the meltdown cycle, and provides them with tools on how to best avoid meltdowns and how to support their mentee through them.

The behavior management packet is available for download here. You can also find a full archive of our previous resource packets below:

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