Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester Receives Adaptive Court Sports Training

Docrchester B&GC staff participating in wheelchair basketball

Through the Inclusive Fitness for Youth Initiative (funded by The Boston Foundation), PYD has collaborated with the Dorchester Boys and Girls Club throughout 2013 to increase their inclusion of youth with disabilities.

Prior to the collaboration, The Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester demonstrated a full commitment to the inclusion of youth with disabilities. They instituted Project B.I.N.D. (Boston Inclusion Network for Disabilities) specifically designed to encourage the educational and social enrichment and advancement of children with special needs throughout Dorchester and the surrounding neighborhoods. While their commitment was clear, the Boys and Girls Club Team wanted more training and technical assistance to improve their programs to meet the needs of all youth.

Most recently, Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester staff received training in Adaptive Physical Education and Court Sports facilitated by PYD partner, Spalding Adaptive Sports Centers. This interactive training received high marks from the staff and demonstrated that adaptive sports can be fun! According to Project B.I.N.D. Director, Dianne Lescinskas, “This training was not only fun but it was also a great learning experience for our staff. As we strive towards strengthening inclusion at our club, the training gave us a first-hand understanding of how a sport like basketball can be adapted to include people with and without physical disabilities. The staff at the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester enjoyed the training so much; we now would like to start an inclusive wheelchair basketball league for our members.”

If your organization is interested in collaborating with PYD through the Inclusive Fitness for Youth Initiative, please review the selection process here. Letters of Interested are being accepted through February 15, 2014.

Dorchester B&GC staff playing accessible volleyball

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