Inclusion Training Sparks Change for Grantees of Safeco Insurance

Genelle presenting at a recent National Center training

Safeco Insurance gathered over 40 of its grantees on December 5th for a training entitled, “Expanding Access and Inclusion for People with Disabilities” facilitated by PYD’s National Center. Grantees represented a variety of non-profit organizations and schools throughout Seattle and the greater Washington area, including LIFEWIRE, Junior Achievement of Washington, and The Seattle Public Library.

“Expanding Access and Inclusion for People with Disabilities” provided basic information about disability statistics, the definition of inclusion, legal implications, inclusive communication, and more. This interactive training received positive reviews from attendees, with 100% of respondents “strongly agreeing” or “agreeing” with the statement, “As a result of this training, I better understand the definition of inclusion and the benefits of implementing inclusion in my program.”

One common theme was attendees reporting that they will actively make changes within their program as a result of the training. Responses included comments such as, “I will be more intentional about providing accommodations for people with disabilities” and “I will make sure our internship application and website are accessible.”

Safeco Insurance supports the expansion of opportunities for low-income children, basic services for homeless families and the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspect of life through grants to not for profit organizations serving the states of Washington and Oregon.

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