Headshot of Kristin HumphreyKristin Humphrey, Mentoring Director, oversees the Mentor Match program at PYD to ensure that the program goals are met. A strong proponent of mentoring, she has been involved with mentoring for over a decade, beginning with her role as a volunteer mentor. She is a member of the National Mentoring Resource Stakeholder council and the National Disability Mentoring Coalition. She has worked with youth with disabilities for the past nine years and founded a club at Connecticut College that facilitated group mentoring for siblings of youth with disabilities.

She co-authored the manuscript, “Expanding Horizons: A Pilot Mentoring Program Linking College/Graduate Students and Teens with ASD,” which was published in the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics in 2015. She has presented regionally and nationally on the topics of mentoring and inclusion.

Kristin graduated magna cum laude from Connecticut College with a BA in Psychology and was a selected scholar for the Holleran Center’s Program in Community Action and Public Policy. She holds a graduate certificate in Human Service Management from Clark University and is currently pursuing a Master in Public Administration from Clark University (MPA expected in 2017).

An avid football fan and redheaded free agent, she has played on team Brunette over the past three years for the Blondes versus Brunettes (BVB) football league. BVB is a nationwide women’s flag-football league dedicated to advancing the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.

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