Field Day: Adaptive Sports and Activities with P.Y.D.

Mentor teaching his mentee to play frisbeeOn August 10th, the Mentor Match program held a brand new, first-time event for PYD: Field Day! We hoped to provide our matches with an opportunity to participate in a range of accessible sports and activities, while also getting a chance to socialize with other mentees and mentors.

The day ended up being a huge success. There were 20 total attendees from eight matches, and they participated in a number of different activities: soccer, frisbee and frisbee golf, races, maze challenges, amoeba tag, and more!

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Sport in Society nonprofit at Northeastern University, which helped plan and facilitate the day. We also owe a huge thanks to the women’s rowing team at Northeastern, which volunteered at the event and helped run our different stations.

One of the highlights was a spontaneous game of kickball that began towards the end of the day, when two mentees got together and decided to organize a quick game. The mentees hit it off so well, they exchanged numbers and planned to stay in touch!

Thanks again to all the volunteers that made this event possible. We hope that this year’s Field Day was the first of many to come.

For more pictures of the event, check out the event album on our Facebook page.

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