Deep Chinappa serves as PYD’s Director of Outreach and Recruitment, and coordinates all aspects of the Making Healthy Connections (MHC) program as well as the Access to Theatre (ATT) program. Deep teaches percussion workshops for ATT, provides assistance with writing lyrics as well as sound effects and musical transition, creates original music for movement productions, and introduces a variety of instruments to ATT performers (including instruments not found in the U.S.). He works with community organizations to recruit youth, arrange reasonable accommodations, provide follow-up support to the families, and develop relationships for future collaborations.

Deep’s¬†personal experience as a person from a minority culture gives him a special sensitivity when working with minority support agencies and/or families from under-served cultural backgrounds. He has had extensive experience in the field of disability, and had worked as a director of a residential program for individuals with severe multiple disabilities.

Deep Chinappa received a Bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science (Bangalore, India) and has completed course work toward a Bachelor of Music at Berkelee College of Music in Boston. Deep demonstrates his commitment to youth with disabilities through his tireless efforts to bring PYD’s supportive programs to this underserved population. For the past 14 years, Deep has used his many talents to engage diverse youth with a broad range of disabilities to participate in Access to Theatre and Making Healthy Connections and coordinate programming that meets their unique needs.

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