Introducing Tyler, PYD Ambassador for the Naukabout Music Festival

PYD Ambassador Tyler will be at the Naukabout Music Festival on August 3rd, and we hope you will be too! Tyler, whose ambition is to become a radio host and DJ, says he won’t let any obstacles get in the way of his dreams. He explains, “Anybody is capable of doing anything that they want, as long as their whole mind and heart is into it, no matter what.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Want to hear more from Tyler? PYD will be part of a special performance by Sally Taylor and Aline Haunton during the Naukabout Festival, and our awesome Ambassadors will be hosting a raffle for a Yamaha guitar signed by Carly Simon, Sally Taylor, and Ben Taylor! Click here to get your tickets for the Naukabout Music Festival on August 3rd.

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