Self-Advocacy Training Packet for Teens with Disabilities

Last weekend, the Mentor Match program held a Self-Advocacy Workshop for Boston-area youth with a disability. The workshop focused on providing participants with a background on self-advocacy, the Americans with Disabilities Act, their rights, and disclosure.

As a part of this workshop, we designed a self-advocacy training packet that we provided to all the youth participants. We plan to use this packet for future workshops down the road, but we also want to provide it to the public at large so that more people can benefit from it.

If you are another nonprofit organization and wish to reproduce sections of this packet or use it in your own workshop, please feel free! We merely ask that you provide credit to us, and that if you reproduce the whole packet, you leave the branding in the footer intact.

Download Self-Advocacy Training Packet here!

If you would like more self-advocacy resources, follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We hold transition-related workshops multiple times a year, and we distribute resources on a weekly basis via our social media feeds.

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