Making Healthy Connections Through the Years

Making Healthy Connections Through the Years: Reflections from former Springfield MHC Personal Care Assistant, Jeff Clem

programs-making-healthy-connections-007Part of serving as a staff member with Making Healthy Connections over the past 10 years has brought me the privilege of connecting with wonderful Personal Care Assistants like Jeff Clem, who worked with Springfield Making Healthy Connections for several years beginning in 2007. It was great to hear from Jeff recently and find out the impact that working with MHC has had on his educational and career path:

Feb208 012 jeff“I just wanted to update you with some exciting news in my life and thank you for all your help along the way. Over the past 3 years I have been working at a private school for students with Autism called Crossroads in Natick, MA. I have had an incredible experience and while working full time I have been taking classes towards a Masters Degree in Special Education. Next weekend I will be graduating from Framingham State University with my Masters in Special Education and I can’t help but think back to my time working with the Making Healthy Connections group in Springfield. That experience really opened my eyes and convinced me to pursue my interest for helping others. Working in the field of Special Education is truly a passion of mine and I feel lucky I have the opportunity to help so many children and families. As I finish my degree I am looking for teaching positions in public schools around the Boston area … I really appreciated all the help you provided on my job search after finishing my undergraduate coursework.”

We salute Jeff’s continuing dedication to the well-being of students with disabilities and are honored that Making Healthy Connections is serving as a pathway for young professionals like Jeff to pursue careers in the disability field!

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