National Center Presents at the HRIA Youth Work Intensive

Kaela and Kristin at the Youth Work IntensiveOn Friday, March 22nd, PYD’s National Center team presented a two hour workshop entitled “Inclusive Programs Improve Quality for All Youth” at the 12th Annual Youth Work Intensive, sponsored by Health Resources in Action and taking place at Harvard University.

In attendance were participants from a range of youth-serving organizations throughout the Boston area, including: Strong Women, Strong Girls; The Boys and Girls Club of Middlesex County; the National Park Service/OCLP; the East End House; and the Cambridge Housing Authorities’ “The Work Force” program.

A highlight for the team was the integration of a great TED Talk entitled “The Opportunity of Adversity” by Aimee Mullins, our new heroine! See the full video below:

National Center’s next stop: CALIFORNIA! On April 19th, Kaela Vronsky will be presenting a workshop entitled “Inclusive Mentoring” at the Friends for Youth Conference in Santa Clara. Stay tuned for a recap!

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