Susannah Woodford

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Susannah Woodford

Mentoring Specialist
She or They

Phone: 617-556-4075 x141


Susannah Woodford joined PYD as a Mentoring Specialist in May of 2022. She graduated from University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Writing and Rhetoric in 2019.

Before joining PYD, Susannah worked as a special education teacher in both elementary and middle schools in Florida and Massachusetts. Susannah’s interest in disability rights and advocacy started from a young age. Being disabled themself, they are passionate about fighting ableism. Working as a special education teacher furthered their interest in disability issues.

When not at work, Susannah enjoys playing with her ferret and two cats, hanging out with her husband, hanging out with friends, watching anime, playing video games, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and reading.