Sadye Bobbette

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Sadye Bobbette

Access to Arts Manager
She, Her, Hers

Phone: 617-556-4075 X149


Sadye joined PYD in the Fall of 2022 and manages the Access to Arts (ATA) program. She graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in Hispanic Studies and has worked in various roles within the education sector. These experiences sparked her desire to improve the inclusivity and accessibility of education and youth support systems.

With a background in art and music, Sadye has noted that youth with disabilities often harness great creative power that goes unrecognized within our society. She hopes to remove the barriers youth with disabilities face in access to arts education and materials through the ATA program.

Outside of work, you can find Sadye writing and performing on vocals and keyboard with her Somerville-based band, Otis Shanty. She also loves running, backpacking, and cooking.