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Nicholas Manley

Director of Online Learning
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Joining PYD in 2023, Nick Manley is a Sr-level educational technology professional with 10+ yrs. experience in end-to-end digital strategy and delivery. With a passion for education, he has co-founded online schools in the US and Singapore and has been a professor of Media Production for 10 years teaching at Harvard, Emerson College and Texas A&M. He has an MFA in Media Arts from Emerson College.

With instructional experience at every level and as a lecturer at Harvard’s Department of Continuing Education, Nick Manley has a proven track record in instructional design, leadership, and course execution for all learner types. He has received letters of commendation and multiple awards for his courses and community engagement.

Nick has extensive experience in synchronous & asynchronous curriculum design and management, online course development, universal design for learning (UDL), and utilizing emerging educational technologies in Europe, the US and Asia.

As an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, he co-developed a program of community building for media production students, fostering support in technical education, career advancement, and establishing leadership on media projects while bringing diverse voices to an underserved population in South Texas.

As a co-founder of two online schools in Singapore, he acted as CEO and Director of Learning Strategy & Innovation. These roles provided him with opportunities in the development of governmental partnerships, international learning design, business development, and leveraging emerging trends in educational technology in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In 2023, Nick was a fellow at Harvard’s Inclusive Teaching Institute’s (ITI), which recognizes instructors for their inclusive teaching practices. The group was part of a pilot program receiving a grant from the Harvard Culture Lab Innovation Fund (CLIF). The Inclusive Practice Fellowship was designed to enable instructors to share their instructional expertise in inclusivity with the wider Harvard community, and following Nick’s participation in a successful pilot, he has extended his participation as a mentor of the program through 2024.

In his spare time Nick shoots documentary films, with his latest being a profile of Richard Fierro, a decorated war veteran and champion of inclusivity who stopped a mass-shooting at a Denver area LGBTQ+ nightclub in 2022.

Nick brings a unique combination of media experience and a demonstrated history of success in all levels of educational design to the PYD team. His work focuses specifically on utilizing educational technology for the removal of barriers, providing opportunities for all voices, and designing curriculum through negotiated learning practices.