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Carol Murray

Youth Leadership Manager
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Phone: 617-556-4075 x150


Carol Murray joined PYD in November of 2022 as the new Youth Leadership Manager. Carol was drawn to PYD’s mission to empower youth with disabilities to fulfil their self-determined dreams and goals. Carol comes to PYD with three decades of experience in public education as a teacher and member of administrative teams.

Upon graduating from Boston University, Carol began her career as a licensed elementary and special education teacher. Rooted in seeing all learners through their strengths, she sought to develop more inclusive opportunities to address the inequities that often existed with separate programming for students with disabilities. She attended Northeastern University’s Principal in Residence Program to learn how to leverage her school’s programmatic design, scheduling, grants, partnerships, and recruitment to strengthen programming for all students. Carol is excited to join PYD and eager to connect with youth about their future goals.

In her free time Carol loves to travel and have new experiences. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, soccer, live music, and outdoor activities.